The Story.

More than ten years ago while in Brazil, Love Car Director Mandy was sent an unforgettable ‘telegram’ at her farewell party.

A van rocked up with music blaring and an enthusiastic pair of Brazillians (is there any other kind?) jumped out to read her heartfelt messages from her ‘adopted’ South American family, while a carefully chosen samba soundtrack pumped in the background and an audience of friends and strangers cheered from the sidelines.

It was thoroughly embarrassing and totally nuts. It was also the most thoughtful, fun and outrageous public declaration of love she’d ever received.

Stuck in the nine to five grind and paying off her holiday, a few years passed, but she never forgot that love car feeling. Tired of giving the same old gifts, posting impersonal social media messages and bored of sending flowers, she made up her mind to create her own version of this cheeky telegram service that leaves you feeling a million bucks (and a little rosy in the cheeks).

As fate has a way of working, she ended up marrying a ridiculously talented auto electrician, Col, who kinda liked the idea of a telegram backed by a customised soundtrack delivered via a classic set of wheels. So he set to work customising a little old 1970’s Volkswagen Beetle.

A decade later, Love Car Australia was born: Australia’s first, personalised, musical telegram service, delivered via a lovingly restored classic VW, pimped-up with a state of the art sound system, confetti cannon and LED lights, for an exciting, memorable and crowd-drawing experience. Ready to share some love with the people of Perth.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Love Car is the newest, most unique and quite possibly, most entertaining way to declare your love and show your appreciation for someone.

Send a personalised message with a perfectly matched soundtrack to an unsuspecting (and very lucky) person today.