This is how we roll.


We’re totally into Public Displays of Affection.

You’ve decided to create a Love Car scene for someone special, surprising them at work, home, or even their local café. Good move, big brownie points coming your way.

Your words, delivered by us.

Now you need to decide on your telegram message. You can pre-record an audio file to blare from our speakers or you can provide us with a script to read out live. If the telegram is from a group of people, we can set each telegram to your chosen song. And if you can’t find the words, you can just let your songs do the talking.

Soundtrack of your soul.

Every moment is amplified by music, so to really make an impact, choose your song(s) to accompany your message. We can play a full song, the chorus of a song or a mash-up of different songs. If you want to supply your own perfectly edited medley, go for it. Tunes will pump from our speakers to create the perfect movie-magic moment.

An instant fiesta.

We roll up, pop the bonnet and get your special someone’s (and inevitably, everyone else’s) attention with an epic public declaration of love. If the LED lightshow (at night), popping confetti and Hollywood soundtrack don’t overwhelm your loved one with emotion, your personalised message will.

Paparazzi it.

We’ll take Polaroids of the whole thing to capture the surprise and delight on your chosen one’s face so they can look back at the pics and relive their Love Car experience for years to come.

What a modern day serenade! Why send flowers when you can send the Love Car?